Can Stress Cause Hives?

If you have noticed that your skin is developing a hives rash, but you are not completely sure of what the cause it you may be wondering if your emotional stress can play a role in their development. Chronic stress hives are a condition that is also referred to as stress bumps or stress rashes. These can happen due to times of high tension or stress in one’s life. They will appear as swollen red patches that itchy. They will occur out of the blue and have a slight burning or tingling sensation to your body.

Why Do You Fear Bathing So Much?

If you suffer from ablutophobia, the official site of this condition is, that you have a persistent and irrational fear of bathing. This could be cause by a traumatic event in your past. This could be the result of an anxiety disorder. This fear could also develop early in childhood, and if left untreated will carry with you into adulthood. This condition makes life very difficult for these sufferers as they are cast out of society standards and tend to live in isolation.

Medications For Phobias

When people’s phobia makes them depressed a doctor will typically prescribe them medication to help reduce their symptoms. These work to interfere with your brain chemicals, called neurotransmitters, to stop the symptoms form happening. These typically take a little bit of time to fully kick in and provide you with the relief you want.

These are not well recommended when there are many other forms of treatments out there that can help you overpower your fears without medication. This is commonly considered a temporary way to numb your fear until you are ready to permanently overcome it. You can learn more about these phobia medications when you visit today.

What Is This Fear of Marriage Phobia?

Fear of marriage phobia is called gamophobia. This is a specific situational phobia that is medically classified as an anxiety disorder. There are both men and women who face this condition. It’s much more than just cold feet, it’s a full blown anxiety driven fear that paralyzes a person who faces marriage. This can also be termed to include those who fear being in a relationship or making a commitment to another person. Many researchers have concluded they believe the basis for this fear lies within a change in a person’s environment and showing another their bad traits.

Extreme Cases Of Brontophobia

For those of you who don’t know or understand what brontophobia is we are going to go over that first. Brontophobia is a specific situation phobia where individuals experience immense anxiety when there is lightning and thunder happening outside. This is also called keraunophobia and astraphobia. You can learn all about it at

In extreme cases a brontophobia patient will spend much of their day checking the weather forecast. They will even avoid going outside without checking the weather first to make sure they will not encounter a storm while doing so. In some cases this can lead to agoraphobia where individuals are afraid to leave their dwellings. If this is not treated it will continue to develop the fear to an uncontrollable level.

What Do You Fear?

If you are like the over fifty thousand Americans that suffer from a phobia than you likely fear something. It’s important to realize the difference between a phobia and a fear. A fear is something that you tend to experience a slight level of anxiety when you are faced with it. However, you find strength in yourself and power yourself through doing it. Likely, you will not even notice you had anxiety once you get into do the thing you thought you feared.

However, for phobias like genophobia (, these people can’t overpower their fear. They get stuck in an intense amount of anxiety that keeps building the more and more they avoid the thing they fear. But, don’t worry if you are one of these people as there are many programs out there to help you overpower this phobia and get back to enjoying life the way you want to. All you have to do is step up and reach out for those programs. It’s really that simple and a great step towards living a more happier and fulfilled lifestyle.

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As any woman the one thing she could change about her lashes and she will tell you their length. Now there are other things like fullness and darkness we all want as well, however length seems to be the one that everyone just can’t resist.

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